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The Saviour Tactical is a roll up stretcher that only weighs 5 kg. It is easy to carry, easy to deploy, and easy to re-stow. Every Saviour Tactical stretcher has the following qualities:

  • Works well in a wet or sandy environment.
  • Neutrally buoyant - so floats if dropped overboard.
  • Will float with a patient in a lifejacket.
  • Excellent for confined space rescue.
  • Features cross chest straps and figure of 8-foot harness to allow vertical lifting without fear of patient sliding out of either end of the stretcher.
  • Has a lifting eye at the top for vertical haul rated at 200kg.
  • Head and foot end drag harnesses for single man drag rescues.
  • 6 robust hand holds for team carries.
  • Can be carried by 2 or 4 people, +/- the addition of poles through the handles.
  • Head hugger system to protect and immobilise head, which can be used with or without a collar.
  • Head hugger supplied with or without ear holes.
  • Extra central layer of skin material to increase spinal support
  • Xray translucent and CT friendly.
  • Discreet colour coded straps for the tactical environment (although these can be made more obvious for non-tactical environments)
  • All straps are replaceable independently.
  • Infection control compliant - not limited to single use.

Dimensions: Packed carry bag: 70 x 30 x 30cm

Certification(s): CE 93/42/EEC Class 1 and is covered by European Council Reg. 2017/745 CLASS 1 DEVICE. This Equipment is registered with the Competent Authority (UK) and confirms to Article 11(5) Annex VII Sec­tion 3

BrandSaviour Medical

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