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The new and exciting Honeywell Miller® H700 Premium Series full body
harnesses are the result of Honeywell’s hyper focus on ergonomic science and safety innovation. The latest in the H-Series, Miller H700 boasts technologically-advanced safety, comfort and modular features.

The Miller H700 harness features high-tech, multi-layered new-generation 3D movement-focused waist padding for prolonged work positioning, enhanced shock absorption, breathability and venting – helping to keep workers drier and cooler on the job. The webbing surface is water repellent and durable. Moreover, our new Pivot Strap Adjuster enables a variety of leg configurations for customizable comfort.

Harnesses help keep workers at height safe, but spending long hours in a restrictive, non-ergonomic heavy harness can lead to muscular fatigue and may even cause serious medical problems. Plus, when a worker falls and is suspended, time is of the essence. With the Miller H700, what’s usually a complicated four-step process in providing trauma relief is now one easy step with the One-Pull Trauma Relief Step accessory, which provides a quick auto-release. Suspension trauma is alleviated, blood flow continues to circulate and the worker is safer until help arrives.

Certification(s): EN 361:2002, EN 358:2018, EN 1497:2007


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