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The ShoveIt® no touch hand safety tool helps avoid hand injuries while working with suspended loads or maneuvering objects, maintaining proper body positioning for safe handling out of the line of fire. It enables users to guide loads, move and position pipes and tubulars, as well as grab slings and taglines without physically placing hands on the item.

The ShoveIt push pole enables workers to remain a safe distance away from suspended loads as well as danger zones, avoiding hazardous crush and pinch points while sustaining control of the load being positioned.

The V-shaped head allows workers to safely push and pull against flat surfaces, corners and tubulars.

Opposing grab hooks help maneuver cable-slung loads, cargo baskets or grab slings and tag lines.

An ergonomic hand guard acts as a barrier to protect hands and fingers. It features a dedicated tethering point for use when working at heights.

Textured shaft provides slip-resistant handling to keep hands in place.

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